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Before a divorce is finalized, each spouse will have the opportunity to create a marital settlement agreement, which is a legally binding contract that spells out the terms of a divorce settlement.  If there are any marital issues affecting child custody arrangements, spousal maintenance, child support, and/or property division, the marital settlement agreement is designed to address those concerns before the final judgment for the dissolution of marriage is passed.

Each spouse, with their respective attorney, will have a chance to review and make any necessary changes to the marital settlement agreement, before it becomes final.  It is important to have an experienced attorney working with you to ensure the terms of the agreement are what you can commit to and are in your best interests.  It may be harder later on to make changes in post-decree divorce if you sign a marital settlement agreement without fully understanding it.

Parties undergoing a divorce or separation, will have the Court enter a Marital Settlement Agreement or Separation Agreement outlining the terms of their divorce settlement, including, but not limited to, the division of property, maintenance, and child support and decision-making authority.  After the completion of the agreement, the Court must then review the agreement and find it to be conscionable, which is not patently unfair to one of the parties, and then it will enter the agreement as a final, valid, and enforceable judgment.  The Law Offices of Umberto S. Davi, PC can help you determine your rights, negotiate a settlement that is in your best interests, and draft and review a resulting agreement that can be entered before the Court.

If you need help with drafting, revising, and/or reviewing a marital settlement agreement, contact our offices today.  If something does not make sense to you in a marital settlement agreement, it is highly important that you receive immediate legal assistance regarding this all important legal family law matter.  The Law Offices of Umberto S. Davi, PC is an experienced marital settlement agreement law firm and provides clients with quality, knowledgeable legal assistance in their family law matters.  Our friendly staff is available to take your call and will provide the legal assistance you need.

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