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Child Support is one of the most contested issues feuding parents face in the context of divorce.  Whether a parent is seeking child support payments from a former spouse or needs modification to the original divorce order by seeking a post-decree divorce arrangement, it’s vital to speak with a knowledgeable child support attorney, who can help you make informed legal decisions.

Statutory Guidelines for Net Income Determinations

In Illinois, there are statutory guidelines that determine how child support payments will be calculated, based on net income and the number of children in the family.  Regardless if you are the non-custodial parent anticipating on making child support payments, or you are the custodial parent expecting to receive child support, the following formula below gives you a general idea of the child support payment amounts.

Calculating Child Support

  • For 1 child, 20% net income
  • For 2 children, 28% net income
  • For 3 children, 32% net income
  • For 4 children, 40% net income
  • For 5 children, 45% net income
  • For 6 or more children, 50% net income

Child support payments are not set in stone and can be adjusted in the event one parent experiences loss of employment or a significant change in income.  At The Law Offices of Umberto S. Davi, PC, we can help you better understand how child support arrangements will be made, according to your specific financial situation.

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