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At The Law Offices of Umberto S. Davi, PC, we have a growing commitment, compassion, and dedication to helping secure the needs of children involved in child custody disputes, and to be their voice and advocate in court. Family law attorney, Umberto S. Davi, is specially trained to serve as a guardian ad litem and child representative in Cook County DuPage County, and Will County.

More and more, judges are relying on G.A.L.’s to protect a child’s best interest in a custody battle or any family law case involving visitation rights, domestic and/or child abuse. A guardian ad litem can be requested by either parent to represent their child, or they can be appointed by a judge. Regardless of who makes the request, a guardian ad litem is the child’s representative.

When parents are undergoing divorce or separation, children’s lives can be greatly affected. When parents are experiencing a change in the family dynamic and children’s well being is at risk, the Court may on its own, or at the request of a parent, appoint an experienced and trained attorney to grant children a voice in the legal system.

Attorney Umberto Davi has been representing the rights and best interests of children for many years. As a guardian ad litem and children’s representative, Mr. Davi works closely, with the children themselves, their parents, attorneys, and counselors. Mr. Davi reports his findings to the Court so that the Court may be better equipped to protect children’s best interests. Mr. Davi has gained valuable insight into the Illinois family law court system in this capacity. If there is a specific issue or problem with a child which requires professionals trained in a specific area of expertise, Mr. Davi has access to a number of highly effective and proven professional resources in various fields that can help find the solution to a client and child’s specific needs.

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